PICA: Thunderhead

Tina Havelock Stevens | 9 February – 19 April

Presented in association with Perth Festival

Sydney-based Tina Havelock Stevens has emerged as a leading figure in contemporary Australian video and performance. Her background as a documentary filmmaker and drummer from the post-punk music scene has a direct influence on her practice where she works predominantly in video, music, sound, experimental documentary and performance.

Havelock Stevens’ moving image works reference the ambiguous and contradictory aspects of human nature, she locates spaces where portraiture, autobiography and the restlessness of humanity reside. Depicting landscapes and dwelling on sites that are often empty or abandoned, her sensibilities as a film-maker and a musician create suspended moments that speak of survival and fragility and draw connections between environmental and emotional spaces. This exhibition offers a series of video works accompanied by improvised sound scores – sometimes recorded, sometimes performed live. Visceral and immersive, her installations act as a channel for emotions and histories that reside in built and natural landscapes.


Daily screenings, 10.30am & 2.30pm, Perth Cultural Centre Screen.

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