Screenarts is a team of curators, event organizers, graphic designers and film makers, who put on a wide range of events, predominantly for large outdoor community screens. We specialize in:

◆ Screenarts curate, select and run free to the public movie screenings including Free Flicks for Kids and World Cinema Season.
◆ Facilitate community screenings and creative events, offering tech and video editing support.

Tech Support
◆ Tech support for events including live stream visual, audiovisual support materials and live multi-camera operations.

Digital Exhibitions
◆ Organize with local and international artists, to create unique digital exhibitions, to enrich the atmosphere of Perth’s public spaces.
◆ Screening promotional exhibitions from flagship institutions, to spread awareness of cultural events in the city.

Screen Programming
◆ Curate and program 24/7 screen schedules from a variety of sources, to create a harmonious atmosphere, which responds to the time of day and changes of the seasons.

◆ Collaborate with cultural institutions and community groups to produce engaging public events.
◆ Develop film festivals engaging with Perth diverse cultural groups.
◆ FRINGE WORLD: Screenarts develop a rich program of events, exhibitions and screenings for the month-long festival.

We make cool things happen.

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