Exhibitions on Screen | Djilba

Exhibitions on Screen: Djilba

Djilba (August-September) is the fifth season in the Nyoongar Calendar. This is the season of growth, as the weather begins to warm up. Djilba season is a time to look for the yellow and cream flowers starting on mass.

As the season progresses and the temperatures continue to rise, we’ll start to see the flower stalks of the balgas emerging in preparation for the coming Kambarang season.
The vivid beauty and life of Perth’s natural wonders are paired with small pieces of information found on the KURONGKURL KATITJIN page of the ECU website.
This program will play daily during August – September.


Event Showings

August 1-7 2022 | 10am
August 8-14 2022 | 2pm
August 15-21 2022 | 10am
August 22-28 2022 | 2pm
August 29 – September 4 2022 | 10am
September 5-11 2022 | 2pm
September 12-18 2022 | 10am
September 19-25 2022 2pm
September 26-30 2022 | 10am

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