Works by Sheida Shekarian screen nightly from the City of Perth Northbridge Piazza Superscreen in the Fringeworld exhibition LIGHTBOX24.

Sheida Shekarian is an illustrator with a passion for expressing the human experience through humour and narrative-based visuals. She loves any form of creativity that evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Shearian has worked as a campaign photoshoot producer, graphic designer, and illustrator, and despite her deep interest and admiration for all creative fields, she always finds herself drawn back to the world of illustration.

She is based just outside of Toronto but was born and raised in Iran. The unwavering humour of the Iranian people as a coping mechanism during hardships has significantly influenced much of her character and creative work as an illustrator.

Lightbox features pop, contemporary, new media, and illustrative works. This, the tenth annual Lightbox show, is curated for screening as part of Fringeworld24. Further information and the full screening schedule can be found at

Works by Sheida Shekarian screen

Screening Times
19 Jan – 27 Jan | 10 p.m.
28 Jan – 3 Feb | 11 p.m.
4 Feb – 10 Feb | 7 p.m.
11 Feb – 18 Feb | 8 p.m.

The Northbridge Piazza Superscreen film season features seated feature film screenings and casual exhibition screenings. Lightbox is an unstructured, unseated casual lawn screening. Grab a place on the Piazza lawns, enjoy Northbridge’s famous food offerings, or simply promenade James Street for your nightly Fringeworld Lightbox experience.