Makuru Sunset

1 June - 30 july

Makuru (June-July)

The Noongar Season ‘Makuru’ is represented by the colour dark blue as it symbolises rain and cold weather.

Makuru sees the coldest and wettest time of the year in the South West.

Makuru is also a time for a lot of animals to be pairing up in preparation for breeding in the coming season.

If you look carefully, you might see pairs of ‘wardongs’ (ravens) flying together.

Upon the lakes and rivers of the South West, you’ll also start to see a large influx of the Black Swan or ‘Mali’ as they too prepare to nest and breed.

Flowers that will start to emerge include the blues and purples of the blueberry lily (Dianella revoluta) and the purple flags (Patersonia occidentalis).

As the season comes to a close, you should also start to notice the white flowers of the weeping peppermint (Agonis flexuosa) as the blues start to make way for the white and cream flowers of Djilba.


This program is a sunset over the Derbal Yaragan[1] (Swan River) in Mosman Park.

The vivid beauty and life of Perth’s natural wonders are paired with small pieces of information found on the KURONGKURL KATITJIN page of the ECU website.
Produced by the Northbridge Piazza Superscreen




1 June – 30 July, 5:30pm





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