May Bluebell

May Bluebell explores connections between memory, nature and place using collage, watercolour, photography and illustration. Born in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, she creates abstractions of the imagined landscapes of her childhood. Her focus shifts seamlessly from micro to macro.

Using vivid colour she illuminates the microcosm of tiny things which captivate a child’s gaze – such as plants and reflections. She captures the geographic scale of changing landscapes- such as the transition from red to white sand – using layers of texture. Her work reveals the stillness and calm that can be found when attention is shifted outside of the self. Be it individual grains of sand or shifting landscapes, escape can be found all around.

Bluebell is represented by The Print Maker Gallery in Melbourne and has been involved in various group shows, solo exhibitions and commissioned works.

Exhibition first aired as a part of LIGHTBOX19;
Screening daily in May 2019, Northbridge Piazza Screen.

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