National Archive of Australia: Wild West

13 April - 30 June

Western Australian animals have been targeted as pests by locals and farmers. Some have been exploited for profit and hunted to near extinction. Native fauna have been celebrated as emblems and studied by scientists. They have been captured in photographs and in cages.

The stories in this exhibition are found in records created by government departments, including the CSIRO, Department of Defence and ABC. They show how Western Australians have interacted with the state’s unique wildlife and highlight changing attitudes towards animals and the environment.

Which animal was the target of a military campaign? What now beloved animal was dismissed as an annoying rodent? Why is there a whale tooth in the national archival collection?

Grab your binoculars, get out your field guide and spot your favourite animals in this expedition to the Wild West.

This digital exhibition is a sneak peak of the fascinating images and objects on display at the National Archive of Australia.

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