The Tom Malone Glass Art Prize is Australia’s most significant award for Contemporary Glass Art, with the winning artist receiving $20,000. 

The Prize was initiated in 2003 by the Governor of the Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, Elizabeth Malone. 

Since 2018, the prize has continued with the support of the foundation Benefactor Sheryl Grimwood.  Now in its 21st year, this highly respected exhibition will be showcased in a new home at Linton and Kay Galleries in The Pickle District, West Perth.

Congratulations to the 23 artists shortlisted for this year’s prize. 

Artists: Cheryl Edwards, Jarred Wright, Brenda Page, Nick Mount, Lee Howes, Tom Moore, Jordan Benson, Kevin Gordon, Jessica Loughlin, Estelle Dean, Scott Chaseling, Clare Belfrage, Ruth Allen, Holly Grace, Anne Clifton, Bailey Donovan, Hannah Gason, Edols & Elliott, Peter Nilsson, Annette Blair, Liam Flemming, Jessica Murtagh, Kristel Britcher

Their innovative, dynamic works will be judged just before the exhibition officially opens to determine the final winning work and the 2023 Tom Malone Prize-winning Artist. 

The winner is announced at the opening event on 21 March 2024. 

The digital exhibition runs from the 21st of March to the end of April on the City of Perth Urban Screens, augmenting the physical Tom Malone Glass Prize exhibition running until 28 April at Linton and Kay Galleries West Perth.

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