Photograph, portrait by Abby Marshall

Illuminating the Night: Murdoch School of Photography Melds Emerging Spirits in Northbridge.

In an age where the world of media and communications is constantly evolving, the annual Murdoch School of Photography exhibition emerges as a beacon of creativity and innovation. Held at the City of Perth Northbridge Piazza Superscreen, this event uniquely fuses the vibrant nightlife pulse of Northbridge with the dynamic energy of Western Australia’s emerging photographers.

This exhibition is more than a display of stunning photography; it’s a reflection of our times, encapsulating the essence of a world in constant flux. The showcased works, curated from the finest selections of Murdoch University’s photography students, stand as a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation.

Murdoch University has long championed the cause of visionary thinkers and creative trailblazers. Its Bachelor of Creative Media program exemplifies this, offering an immersive and comprehensive curriculum that blends diverse disciplines with practical, work-integrated learning experiences.

Experience firsthand the convergence of emerging creativity and the changing tides of media, all through the lens of Western Australia’s most promising photographers.

City of Perth Northbridge Piazza Superscreen
March 11 – 17 | 9 – 10 pm
March 18 – 24 | 7 – 8 PM
March 25 – 31 | 9 – 10 PM